go to war angels on amazon“Incredibly powerful and ultimately inspiring, embodying courage and resilience of the human spirit, a 5-star achievement.”
- LAURA TAYLOR, six-time winner of Romantic Times, two-time Maggie Award winner, and author of 22 novels, Fallen Angel and Midnight Storm

“A page-turner of heroic characters in epic proportion”
- BARNABY CONRAD, author of 32 novels, Last Boat to Cadiz and Matador

“What a thrilling journey, I felt like I was trying to escape from the relentless Nazi hordes.” -MATT J. PALLAMARY, award-winning author of Land Without Evil and Spirit Matters

“What a great story, I definitely see it as a major motion picture.”
-ELIZABETH LYON, author / Editor, Editing International, LLC.

Ron Gaiser, in his debut novel The War Angels, is no stranger to the written word. He is a successful copywriter, short story writer, and (ASCAP) published songwriter. He knows how to tell a good story, and weave his craft into an entertaining experience for all to enjoy.

Gerald Gaiser was a religious man, a flyer in the U.S. Air Force, and a successful Hollywood Screenplay writer. Together Ron and his father had a passion for planes as well as the history of WWII. When he first told this story to Ron he hoped they both could make it into a movie, but when he passed away, Ron decided to write it as his first novel.