Riding the Dragon – coming in 2015

A TRUE STORY – To be published in 2015

Riding the Dragon, is a rollicking, humorous adventure of a multi-cultural extravaganza, filled with ancient Chinese legends, international celebrities, Hollywood stars, Fortune 500 corporate executives, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe Casinos, media conglomerates, Asian artisans, dragon boats, and racing athletes from around the world.

This true story of one white man, A ‘Gwilo,’ literally translated means; “White Foreign Devil,” brought from China to America, the oldest known festival in the world. This Gwilo recreated an ancient Chinese village on the shores of Lake Tahoe while holding international dragon boat races with cash prizes. “Dragon Boat Festival” is the oldest celebrated Chinese holiday, second only to the celebration of Chinese New Year. The celebration honors and commemorates the legendary Qu Yuan, China’s greatest Poet and Statesman.

Ron Gaiser, in the early 90’s, first produced the “Los Angeles International Dragon Boat Festival” that culminated in the bigger and more extravagant “Lake Tahoe International Dragon Boat Festival.”  the event became the largest special event ever produced during the pinnacle ‘Heydays,’ of Lake Tahoe before commercial airlines were banned. This event was second only to Lake Tahoe hosting the 1964 Olympics. As a result, it started the proliferation of Dragon Boat Festivals across the United States, a tradition that continues on today.