Victim of the Lilies – coming in 2016

Historical Fiction, based on a true story by Shelly Marks. To be published in 2016

Isabella, a beautiful young woman in college, is brutally raped, her body strewn with lilies and left for dead. Still alive, but traumatized, embarrassed, and afraid to tell her parents, her perpetrator is arrested, she does not press charges, and instead decides to have a hush-hush abortion.

Twenty years later, Isabella is now a doctor specializing in high-risk pregnancies. One of her patients, who has been raped, comes to her for assistance. The patient is very pro-life and wants the baby. It brings up guilt and remorse in Isabella, and when she finds out the assailant threw lilies on her body after the rape, Isabella is horrified into action, taking her on a soul searching roller coaster ride between the worlds of Pro-choice and Pro-life.

Haunted by her past decision to have an abortion, Isabella must now bring to light her mistake for all to see, and finally prosecute her perpetrator that has continued his crime spree for the last twenty years. While going through major changes, she meets the man of her life. Now she is faced with making the most important decisions that will effect countless peopleĀ  and all the ones she loves around her.